ASH is home to elderly rescue horses, rescue Sheep, Geese, and a huge array of wildlife.    The trustee of the charity, Jenny Rogers, has lived on the farm since she was a child and as such knows the land intimately.

ASH in its current guise, began when they were left a number of older rescue horses from a struggling local charity.

Being troubled by how modern farming practices were pushing the natural wildlife increasingly out of the countryside and experiencing at first hand how the growth in the horse ownership was having a similar impact on our native flora and Fauna, they decided to embark on a revolutionary project that would prove that both our natural world and our horses of every breed could, and indeed. should live in harmony.

Since 2014, they have aimed to turn the previously farmed arable land into a wildlife conservation site, by expertly and lovingly caring for it in a manner that is both sustainable and beneficial to their horses, as well as wildlife. Consequently, they have witnessed exceptional and demonstrable biodiversity improvements and have come to know the incredibly important connection between a healthy natural environment and healthy balanced horses.


The Team

We are lucky to have a great team currently running all the projects at ASH which are overseen by Jenny.

As a qualified horticulturist, a qualified Equine Herbalist (National College of Traditional Medicine) and over 35 years of practical experience working with horses  as well as plants - including knowledge and training in herd behaviours and land management.


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