March 24, 2018

Parlour games with your horse…

On these cold, wet, snowy nights, it is often desirable to stay in by the fire and play games rather than venture out into the cold. […]
March 17, 2018

The importance of Trust

This week has been an interesting one for me. To be able to handle 30 horses (6 herds) quite often on my own takes a huge […]
March 11, 2018

from the horses mouth

FROM THE HORSES MOUTH by an ARC Volunteer What a privilege it is to be able to spend time walking the fields of the farm and […]
March 10, 2018

Sara & Andrew’s Wedding

March 10, 2018

Amy & Paul’s Wedding

March 10, 2018

Laura & Warren’s Wedding

March 10, 2018

Monty and Tamsyn’s Wedding

March 3, 2018


sNOw! We all have memories of waking early to a blanket of snow, and the excitement of racing outside to spend the day either sledging, snow […]
February 24, 2018

For the love of an old Horse…

As much as Jenny became the solution as to how to care for our ageing ‘guests’, I have to admit that it was me that had initially […]
February 16, 2018

In the beginning…..

From as early as I could remember the idea of whether to work with plants or horses had been a near impossible decision for me. I loved […]