Nature Conservation

The conservation of our natural environment is essential to us. Over the years, we have encouraged and protected native species, maintained and restored habitats, enhanced ecosystem services, and protected biological diversity.


What we do

Over the last 10 years we have been digging ponds, planting hedges and trees, sowing native grass and meadow mixes, creating birdseed mixes for overwintering birds and invertebrates, and planting wildflower plugs and seeds.

We’ve also been working on controlling invasive species, avoiding over-grazing and creating specific habitats and homes for some of the rarer residents such as Barn Owl boxes, Dormouse nests and Bat roosts.


Booming and blossoming

Since starting this project we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of animals living on our land. This is proof that with just a little bit of help from us, the wildlife in the area can not only survive but populations will increase and thrive. We know that birds like Cirl Buntings, Skylarks, Goldcrests, Bullfinches, Barn Owls and Woodcock now visit or live on the farm.

Smaller mammals such as Voles, Field Mice and Harvest mice are also common inhabitants and we’ve even given the rarer Dormice their own protected areas. Insect surveys done on the farm have also recently spotted insects like the Great Green Bush Cricket and the Silver Wash Fritillary Butterfly here as well as many species of Bee’s.

Our meadows are now filled with colour and beautiful wildflowers that have been allowed to bloom, the Red Bartsia, Common Centaury, Hop Trefoil and Snake's Head Fritillary, just to name a few. To date We have been given County Site status on 15 acres and have even received an 'Outstanding' rating from the Royal Horticultural Society for one of these wildflower meadows. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we have an even greater vision for the future.


Jenny Rogers is a qualified equine herbalist Jenny combines her horticultural knowledge (ND in amenity horticulture and 20 years practical experience) with her love and understanding of horses, to assist in treatments and prevention for a variety of ailments. In 2015 she qualified in Herbal Medicine for Horses from the National College of Traditional Medicine.

Meadowcine™  is ... we will be running courses


Your support

Much of what we do is only possible through collaboration.
Thank you to those who have already dedicated their time, knowledge and resources.



We have worked with

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The Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project to create habitats for bats
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Natural England on stone wall repairs
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RSPB Back from the Brink helping to grow, collect and send seed from critacally endangered plants to the millenium seed bank
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Devon Rural Skills Trust to preserve our hedges and old stone walls
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The Dartmoor Horse Loggers to clear our fallen trees in a low-impact way
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The National Lottery Community fund for our compost loos
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Till the Coast is Clear for regular group volunteer days

Do your part to restore nature

Support our nature reserve through donations or volunteering.

  • £35 helps us to buy a tray of wildflower plug plants

  • £100 helps us to plant 1 acre of wildflower seeds

  • £20 helps us to plant a large tree or 5 meters of native hedging

  • £10 help us build a bird or bat box