Dolly Daydream

June 18, 2020
October 27, 2020

Dolly Daydream

14.1hh  25+ year old  TB x mare

We were asked to take on Dolly Daydream by a local Equine College as her owner was struggling.

Dolly’s rescuers and helpers included members of the band Hawkwind who kindly sponsored Dolly.

Dolly was only with us a short time as once she had put on the weight and started to feel better in herself she took a turn for the worse and a vets diagnosed her with internal tumours.  Sadly Dolly died from her illness but she had a lovely few months with us enjoying her herd and retirement and she passed away in a beautiful meadow full of grass.


Dolly Daydream Before


Dolly Daydream After