Duke was brought to me as a last resort as he was about to be put down. 3 months on antibiotics and his huge infection on his fetlock had only gotten worse. The skin has rotten down to the bone.

He had been laid down in a barn for a number of days and had pressure sores on one side of his body (as well as ground in and dried manure which
had to be clipped out). As soon as Duke reached us we soaked his foot in hot water with Thyme oil, Mryhh oil, yarrow water and Echinacea water.

We fed him large quantities of garlic and rosehips as well as hard feed to keep his strength up and lots and lots of fresh grass. We soaked his foot 3-4 times a day and put green clay mixed with Oregano oil on it inbertween soaking to keep any foreign bodies out. The infection went after a 5 days and gradually the wound started to heal After 5 weeks of this treatment Duke was finally sound and happy.