FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, Katie, by an ARC Volunteer

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April 29, 2018
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May 12, 2018


This month we are shining the spotlight on Katie, a quiet (or so she would have you think), shy mare who arrived at ARC together with her best friend, Truffle. We know Katie is a 27 year old Thoroughbred cross mare but have no history on her other than she competed when she was younger and was used as a brood mare in her later years.

Katie is not too fond of being touched but has gotten better over the past couple of years. She lets you know that if she chooses to come to you it will be on her terms. When we have the dentist come out for their annual checkup we understand Katie will not be the easiest of patients and the same with the trimming of her hooves. However, if Katie is unwell and needs help she is sensible enough to ask for it. Katie is a strong willed girl who prefers to be left alone with Truffle in their herd of 6 horses headed by Rocky.

Then we have the other side of Katie. On occasion, when she thinks no one is looking, she can be found leading the herd charging around the field. She has this ability to whip them up and the look on her face is priceless. It is like she is charging into battle ! We suspect there is a bossy side to her and when that comes out the rest of the herd are happy to indulge her whims. There are also times when Katie comes over to greet us, those we treasure. Look hard enough and you will see the twinkle in her eyes, under that shy exterior lives an adventurous, fun loving girl who is happy and content. And, if there’s boundaries to push, well, Katie is your girl ! She recently ignored a temporary fence around a pond to get to a young tree she could use as a scratching post. When we tried to get her out, her partner in crime, Joy, obliged but Katie dug her hooves in and gave us a look – the one that said I’m staying right here !

When looking at the herd it is easy to miss Katie as she’s the unassuming one in the background. Taking the time to get to know her really well has been a truly rewarding experience.