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March 10, 2018
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March 17, 2018


What a privilege it is to be able to spend time walking the fields of the farm and interacting with the different residents we have here at ARC. From the smallest rescue, little American miniature pony, Bean, to the Shetlands, Princess and Wurzel together with their companion sheep, Mabel, to all the other horses quietly grazing and enjoying their retirement. Yes, we are out in the rain, wind and snow but that is soon forgotten when spring arrives along with the flowers, sunshine and long days.

Each month in this blog we’ll introduce one of our residents and this week it is Alfie, a 20 year old Irish sports horse. Alfie is a calm boy who is kind, gentle and respectful to the rest of his herd, other animals and humans. On his arrival in December 2016 he was put in with Rocky’s herd which included 4 mares. Alfie soon made friends with the ladies and even won Rocky over. Every couple of weeks or so our herds are moved to different fields on the farm and Alfie enjoyed adjusting to his new surroundings. It was exciting for him to explore a new field, sample the herbs in the different hedgerows and to stretch out on the grass. Alfie loves to roll and to have a lay down. It is not unusual to find him stretched out snoozing in the sun. This boy certainly knows how to relax !

Alfie is relatively young to be retired but after suffering a traumatic neck injury whilst showjumping his riding career was curtailed. He was found neglected and after an unsuccessful rehoming we were approached. We put out an appeal on Facebook to help cover his transport and so many wonderful people came to his aid. To see Alfie’s face when he arrived was really special, he was relaxed and knew he had found home.

One of Alfie’s traits is to wander over if you are standing alone in the field. He will first watch to see if any of the other horses approach and if no one is interested then along he comes to greet you. He is very sociable and his only request is to have his forehead scratched.

The change from when Alfie stepped off the horse trailer nearly 15 months ago to now is amazing. His ability to adjust and fit in has made him a pleasure to be around. Do we all have favourites, possibly, if I had to choose then Alfie would be very high up on the list !