From The Horses Mouth by an ARC Volunteer

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April 1, 2018
Every Ending brings a New Beginning
April 14, 2018

Today we are shining the spotlight on Tommy aka Big Tom who is a young at heart 16 year old Dutch warmblood gelding. Tommy was diagnosed with Kissing spine and suspensory ligament damage which led to his early retirement and placement at ARC.

Big Tom has a couple of little quirks in that he enjoys licking your hand and the funny faces he pulls are hilarious. If you want a smile then find Tom and he’ll lift your spirits ! He also watches the rest of the herd closely when there are people around. If he feels the horses are getting a little too close or boisterous he will come over and guide them away.

In the field Tommy is close friends with Rani who can, on occasion, be a little temperamental. As Tommy likes to play and Rani is not always willing he has made friends with Aragon and the two of them can often be seen chasing each other around. When you watch them it reminds us of boys teasing each other, their necks are stretched, there is a fair amount of pushing and the occasional nip. All done in good spirit. The others in the herd generally give them a wide berth when they are in this mood.

Whenever we enter the field Tom will always look over as he loves to be around people. We’ve had him so relaxed he’s fallen asleep with his head in our hands. We have also seen when one of the horses in the herd is feeling down it is Tommy who will go over to keep them company. Inside this big boy lies a heart of gold, he is a gentle and kind soul with a beautiful temperament.