Let the preparations begin

A day to celebrate….
April 21, 2018
FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, Katie, by an ARC Volunteer
May 6, 2018

With next week bringing us the month of May and the beginning of our wedding season, a certain nip of excitement is in the air. It brings with it a huge amount of preparation work where we lovingly dust, prune and preen, rehouse spiders and sweep away winter webs. Hundreds (literally) of jam jars will be washed and decorated, miles of fairy lights checked and treasures from last season will be discovered carefully packed away from the wet and the cold along with memories of last year’s weddings.
An outdoor venue presents some unique challenges when it comes to preparing for a wedding, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The pleasure of standing in the sunshine listening to the first promises of the year being made will make all of the wet weather clearing and sweeping worthwhile. Watching the smile on a guest’s face as a dragonfly hovers over the pond while the register is signed, or the giggle of a flower girl when she spots Snowdrop the unicorn are the special memories that stay with me.
It’s always such a pleasure to introduce new guests to ARC, to meet the friends and family that have been names on a planning list for so many months.
For now though, I’ll have to be patient. Just be patient and enjoy nature’s transformation of our beautiful venue and gardens after the long winter rest.