Wedding season

Parlour games with your horse…
March 24, 2018
From The Horses Mouth by an ARC Volunteer
April 8, 2018

It’s been nearly five years now since my first visit to ARC. Five years since Jenny, Ian and I stood next to the wildlife pond and had our first conversation about creating the wedding venue. I’d actually gone along to meet with them about something completely different but that’s just how things happen at ARC.
Outdoor weddings in a breathtakingly beautiful location surrounded by wildflower meadows, wildlife and horses. Perfect. However it does come with certain challenges, particularly at this time of year as we’re slurping our way through the post rain/snow/rain mud with marquee companies and brides-to-be. An outdoor wedding takes nerves of steel and great vision, trusting the elements and Mother Nature to deliver when the long awaited summer finally arrives.
It’s hard to imagine at this time of year that we’ll soon be out picking wild flowers, arranging hay bales for the ceremony and taking guests to shady areas when the afternoon sun gets too hot.
Summer will come and we will be ready.
Ready to greet new friends and tie new knots. Without the mud.