Who owns ‘The Feelings’

FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, Katie, by an ARC Volunteer
May 6, 2018
The Hoof part two.
May 20, 2018

Here at Ash Rescue Centre we were lucky enough this week to have had a visit from Elaine Tyley from The Horses Mouth, a healer and animal communicator who works all over England helping horses. Elaine worked with one of our elderly mares who has been with us a few years but a mare that I feel still needs extra emotional support.
I knew a little of this mares history which Elaine immediately picked up on but she then added many more details which got me thinking about who actually owns ‘The Feelings’?

We are told not to anthropomorphize animals by placing human feelings and beliefs onto them and as much as I agree horses (and all animals) have their own personal requirements and possibly prefer ‘fields’ to ‘houses’ and ‘grass’ to ‘roast dinners’, however I still believe that when it comes to feelings there is NO difference.

Hearing this particular mares ‘sad’ thoughts of friendships lost (horses and humans) and foals taken away too young, and seeing the pain she suffered, I could easily have been observing an old lady talking of a history of loss and suffering.

This mare had been very attached to previous owners and given her all to keep them happy (and in rosettes!) only to be sold on or passed around. She had slowly lost her trust in people and in herself. She felt that no one “should bother with her”, and her only ‘value’ came from the foals she produced, which she tells Elaine she fought hard to keep and during the session repeatedly asked “if they were ok”, to which Elaine could not answer.

The vulnerability become obvious to me as mares like this have no choice, they have to completely rely on our desires, and this can leave them being neglected and abandoned both physically and emotionally.

I see our horses everyday, they have good days, bad days, playful days and sleepy days, they argue and make-up, they love some and dislike others, they have best friends, grooming buddies and getting up to mischief buddies. Mares love their foals unconditionally and in the wild the fillies would grow up and stay in their mothers herd whilst the colts would later join bachelor herds and still visit occasionally. They do not loose touch or forget these family bonds and yet humans insist on treating them as though they are unfeeling?

The governments recent decision to reject the concept that ALL animals were sentient beings really saddens me… Does anyone have the right to own ‘the feelings’?